Fish Moon / Blood Moon in Libra • ~ • 4 April, 2015

"birthchart" digital collage by OneLittleFishie
“birthchart” digital collage by OneLittleFishie


Just before dawn this Saturday, 4-4-15,

the April Full Moon (sometimes called the

Fish Moon, signifying the spawning shad of

many varieties) passes into the Earth’s

shadow, becoming the third Blood Moon

of the last twelve months (the most recent

prior Blood Moon fell on October 2014’s

Hunter’s Moon).


This date also marks the beginning of Judaic

Passover, which deals with a plague of death

upon first-born sons; also Easter Vigil of the

Christian tradition – for Lutherans,

representative of Christ’s descent into, and

suffering within, Hell. Both of these religious

connotations are rather dark in nature,

adding depth to the Blood reference of the

eclipse phenomenon.


The totality of this eclipse lasts just a few

minutes, making it the shortest lunar eclipse of

this century. Once that veil brushes past this

Moon’s face, her position within the

constellation of Libra (seeker of eternal

balance) immediately shifts the pendulum

toward a laser focus on anything blocking

forward motion and progress. Expect

to ruminate through a feeling of

suspended animation during the 24 hours

immediately after the eclipse runs its course,

followed by extreme action or surprising insight.

Prepare to feel a surge of creative energy to

slay demons you hadn’t even yet noticed.


Embrace the change. Enjoy the unexpected.

Bask in the renewal; find gratitude that

the Blood was shed for you . . . not by you.


That’s what this season is all about.


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