schrödinger’s cat and pandora’s box: a paradox

"schrödinger's cat, pandora's box" image by OneLittleFishie
image by OneLittleFishie


Others who opened this box found me dead, and dragged me out anyhow. How could I choose life at that point, when it was simply assumed and not even confirmed? Not that it wasn’t a good time, mind you; I certainly made the most of it. However, the experience overall left something to be desired. Altered states and physical pleasure, certainly, but to a great extent unfulfilling. I occasionally felt fleeting twinges of regret over the absence of my soul. Not their fault, I suppose…they fell into the trap of the observer influencing the experiment; indeed, as I truly believe they were unprepared as it was for what I carry in that box, much less the fact that Schrödinger might have thrown in a dead thing to boot. So they got theirs, I learned some things, but in the grand scheme of it all the recorded result should have read, “Xs for eyes”.

Then there is you. A different breed of scientist, entirely.

Fearless of what is contained within. Willing to discern how the archetypal ills inextricable from consciousness can foster evolution rather than mire a populace in despair. Now that, my friend, is worth living for; it is the difference in my choosing 1 instead of 0 (the inherent flaws in the binary system notwithstanding, which is a discussion for another day). Finally, discourse on how the experiment has an autonomous perspective in and of itself. Which in this case happens to be that the calculus of love is the limit of courage as it approaches fortuity. So, here I am, living and breathing; soul and all, partly because it makes a difference to you. In the previous experiments, the dead ones, there were limitations and rules…such as not being able to divide by 0. Unfortunate. It only stands to reason, then, that on this side of what gets labeled a paradox, the endeavor is limitless. No rules are necessary. And thus – by invoking the transitive property – no regret. Regardless of circumstances of the past, present, or future.

If you will be so kind as to please do let the good professor know that I have proven his theory that quantum states exist, have chosen to plant myself firmly in one rather than hover in both, and he can now carry on with another subject and container. I do, however, recommend that perhaps minimizing the variables, e.g. a less tenacious beast and definitely an uncluttered box, could expedite the gathering of data.

I look forward to finally exploring what this alive gig is all about.

©OneLittleFIshie, 2015



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