blue aquarius moon

"Institute, Wisconsin (Unincorporated)" - photo by OneLittleFishie
“Institute, Wisconsin (Unincorporated)” – photo by OneLittleFishie


July 31, 2015 heralds the last Blue Moon (the second Full Moon within a calendar month) to be witnessed for several more years; the next will occur on January 31, 2018.

This Moon falls within the constellation of Aquarius…and is beautifully suited to this placement. Aquarius adores everything oddly meaningful, and thoroughly enjoys sharing that bliss with humanity at large. Furthermore, this Moon is in opposition to the Sun in Leo, which exhilarates Aquarius even further as these two find common ground in the staunchly Aquarian ideals of independence, sovereignty, and respect.

This Moon is a Looking Glass, in every aspect of the notion. A reflection of one’s self, with limitless virtuosic possibilities.

To convey the allusive nature of Aquarius’ radiation within this unique Moon phase (in reference to the photo above)…

“This is a doorway

which does exist.

I do not know what waits on the other side.

What if

(I mean:  imagine…),

as one steps across the threshold –

eyes adjusting to the cool dim within –

there is every face one might ever want to see;

and every experience one dares to dream…

What would that look like?

And how would that go?

One’s attitude toward it is all one can contribute.

The situation remains the same, while the outcome

rests on the individual.


Shall we?

After You.”

Face risk with positive intent. Emit your highest vibration and find it returning to you a thousand fold. Personal evolution results in universal revolution. Enjoy the ride.

©2015 OneLittleFishie


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