polonius on partnership • pisces full moon 8/29/15

image credit (via google images)
image credit (via google images)


Full Moon in Pisces, described as dream imagery, in poetry form:


“I was swimming among known folk

(perpendicular to the lanes,

which no one seemed to mind

but was a hassle for me).


i relocated to a grotto

filled with strangers

and the water felt…



i realized while toweling off, exhausted,

(and speaking to you)

that it was wet cement;


you were unimpressed,

and walked away.


i found a clean, empty pool

menaced by the probability of vampires.


so i dove in

and handled it.”


Explore the absolute depths of your passions, without sacrifice of the Self in the process. Opening the mind and heart to all possibility represents merely one step in the Soul’s evolution. Without acceptance of the unique Spirit contained within, the Individual forfeits the innate ability to transform experience into essence.

~ dig deeper ~ into the joys of life.

YOUR life.




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