Tentacle 6 ~ Underwater sound distortion (drowning in semantics) these words mean ~nothing~

"your rib is an octopus" by Huebucket
“your rib is an octopus” by Huebucket

Crimson soaked and dripping wings of joy

I remember you. In her belly with the particles of dust.

The womb of creation where we watched time unfold.

Where we were one. An ancient race created with that lost magic. Ripped apart in such violence that the sorrow stained my soul through the millennium.

I never remembered to what I owed this affliction. A melancholy through the times of grief and joy.

When I gazed upon your smile and reached through your eyes I saw the mirror and recognized myself. My eternal partner, my other half.

I relived the torment of what happened so many eons ago. The pain would be unbearable if not for the exaltation of this reunion!

And in this moment I felt healed. As though time began again. The wrongs forged into an eternal truth. A natural force of gravity drawing upon itself.

Endless, without boundaries:

Unconditional love.


©Capt.Nemo, 2015


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