Tentacle 7 ~~~~~~~~~~ Mermaid ~ Magdalene ~ Surfs ~ Again

"mermaid magdalene" digital collage by OneLittleFishie
“mermaid magdalene” digital collage by OneLittleFishie


The buoy of empty promise only holds air for so long

(I sink like a stone to a watery grave)

Nuclear fission of word and meaning

(My own fault, as per usual)

No accounting for the warp of water

(the nitrogen narcosis)

where everything seems to be a delight.


Choked and strangled

from the inside out

by the very element

we’d chosen.


I slithered over the desert

taking millions of years

(remember time? I didn’t think so.)

just to dive in

with you


and die.


©OneLittleFishie 2016





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