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lunar lupine logic



star sounds, on Wülfpack‘s newest compilation

now available for download

includes tracks from Disco AliensChris Mindel

featuring vocals from OneLittleFishie


tonic apathy (MHS)

Awash in who-knows-what from

who-knows-where (capital county,


dazed and stupor caused

either by

the lack of communication, or the invasion of such,

over-informed as of just…now…

or read-my-brain-waves waking REM



Who knows what we’ve shared?

Only us, and,

sometimes, then even no.

we handled it.

In cavernous lake-fronts

on too-bright mornings;

taken care of.


Gentle words later,

Lasers passed with earth’s rotation,

bodies’ deep breath,


we are a fragmented whole.


Guesses to the winner of the night.