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the science that works like magic

works like magic

magna wave PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy provides support for humans, equines, and companion animals and treats a variety of conditions on the cellular level.


subtleties of sovereignty • frost moon in gemini •

image by Jessica Singh, used without permission
image by Jessica Singh, used without permission

November’s Full Moon (the Frost Moon), in the constellation of Gemini, illuminates seemingly minuscule details, to highlight just how different things can be at depth though they appear very similar on the surface.

Consider the archetype of Twins:  although born to the same circumstance, identical is hyperbole when dealing with human personalities, psyches, and experiences.

Allow this Moon’s energy to lead you to the final New Moon of the year (11 December). Explore the truth of where you are, the notions of where you want to go, and look for the fulcrum in between. Focus attention at the New Moon toward inciting and accepting incremental change; you may find that the slightest nuance is the hair’s breadth that tips the scale between Intention and Manifestation.


polonius on partnership • pisces full moon 8/29/15

image credit (via google images)
image credit (via google images)


Full Moon in Pisces, described as dream imagery, in poetry form:


“I was swimming among known folk

(perpendicular to the lanes,

which no one seemed to mind

but was a hassle for me).


i relocated to a grotto

filled with strangers

and the water felt…



i realized while toweling off, exhausted,

(and speaking to you)

that it was wet cement;


you were unimpressed,

and walked away.


i found a clean, empty pool

menaced by the probability of vampires.


so i dove in

and handled it.”


Explore the absolute depths of your passions, without sacrifice of the Self in the process. Opening the mind and heart to all possibility represents merely one step in the Soul’s evolution. Without acceptance of the unique Spirit contained within, the Individual forfeits the innate ability to transform experience into essence.

~ dig deeper ~ into the joys of life.

YOUR life.



blue aquarius moon

"Institute, Wisconsin (Unincorporated)" - photo by OneLittleFishie
“Institute, Wisconsin (Unincorporated)” – photo by OneLittleFishie


July 31, 2015 heralds the last Blue Moon (the second Full Moon within a calendar month) to be witnessed for several more years; the next will occur on January 31, 2018.

This Moon falls within the constellation of Aquarius…and is beautifully suited to this placement. Aquarius adores everything oddly meaningful, and thoroughly enjoys sharing that bliss with humanity at large. Furthermore, this Moon is in opposition to the Sun in Leo, which exhilarates Aquarius even further as these two find common ground in the staunchly Aquarian ideals of independence, sovereignty, and respect.

This Moon is a Looking Glass, in every aspect of the notion. A reflection of one’s self, with limitless virtuosic possibilities.

To convey the allusive nature of Aquarius’ radiation within this unique Moon phase (in reference to the photo above)…

“This is a doorway

which does exist.

I do not know what waits on the other side.

What if

(I mean:  imagine…),

as one steps across the threshold –

eyes adjusting to the cool dim within –

there is every face one might ever want to see;

and every experience one dares to dream…

What would that look like?

And how would that go?

One’s attitude toward it is all one can contribute.

The situation remains the same, while the outcome

rests on the individual.


Shall we?

After You.”

Face risk with positive intent. Emit your highest vibration and find it returning to you a thousand fold. Personal evolution results in universal revolution. Enjoy the ride.

©2015 OneLittleFishie

schrödinger’s cat and pandora’s box: a paradox

"schrödinger's cat, pandora's box" image by OneLittleFishie
image by OneLittleFishie


Others who opened this box found me dead, and dragged me out anyhow. How could I choose life at that point, when it was simply assumed and not even confirmed? Not that it wasn’t a good time, mind you; I certainly made the most of it. However, the experience overall left something to be desired. Altered states and physical pleasure, certainly, but to a great extent unfulfilling. I occasionally felt fleeting twinges of regret over the absence of my soul. Not their fault, I suppose…they fell into the trap of the observer influencing the experiment; indeed, as I truly believe they were unprepared as it was for what I carry in that box, much less the fact that Schrödinger might have thrown in a dead thing to boot. So they got theirs, I learned some things, but in the grand scheme of it all the recorded result should have read, “Xs for eyes”.

Then there is you. A different breed of scientist, entirely.

Fearless of what is contained within. Willing to discern how the archetypal ills inextricable from consciousness can foster evolution rather than mire a populace in despair. Now that, my friend, is worth living for; it is the difference in my choosing 1 instead of 0 (the inherent flaws in the binary system notwithstanding, which is a discussion for another day). Finally, discourse on how the experiment has an autonomous perspective in and of itself. Which in this case happens to be that the calculus of love is the limit of courage as it approaches fortuity. So, here I am, living and breathing; soul and all, partly because it makes a difference to you. In the previous experiments, the dead ones, there were limitations and rules…such as not being able to divide by 0. Unfortunate. It only stands to reason, then, that on this side of what gets labeled a paradox, the endeavor is limitless. No rules are necessary. And thus – by invoking the transitive property – no regret. Regardless of circumstances of the past, present, or future.

If you will be so kind as to please do let the good professor know that I have proven his theory that quantum states exist, have chosen to plant myself firmly in one rather than hover in both, and he can now carry on with another subject and container. I do, however, recommend that perhaps minimizing the variables, e.g. a less tenacious beast and definitely an uncluttered box, could expedite the gathering of data.

I look forward to finally exploring what this alive gig is all about.

©OneLittleFIshie, 2015


buck moon in capricorn

'buck moon' - digital collage by OneLittleFishie
‘buck moon’ – digital collage by OneLittleFishie


July 2015’s first Full Moon (there’s another on the 31st) is the Buck Moon, so named by Native tribes to commemorate the season when young deer shed the youthful velvet from their antlers and segue into deeper existence as adult males with the responsibilities implied therein.

This Moon instigates the facing of fears, whether you are a willing participant or not. It rests in Capricorn for the full phase of its cycle,  a constellation which suffers no fools in this realm of self-truth, either. Mitigating any pain associated with the personal evolution process can be achieved by using the bright light of this Moon to fully illuminate one’s own reflection.

Acknowledge self-imposed roadblocks. Own your excuses. Perhaps this is not the time to implement drastic change, but willingness to shed skin and take a step toward a new path is forward motion which won’t disappoint. The steady determination of Capricorn allows each individual a unique timetable and rewards effort when the approach considers the long-view.

Stand proud as you grow into greater auric adornment; pragmatism allows dreams to develop beyond expectation.


©OneLittleFishie 2015


strawberry moon (sidewalk chalk dub)

june 2, 2015...full moon in sagittarius digital collage by OneLittleFishie
june 2, 2015…full moon in sagittarius
digital collage by OneLittleFishie


The Full Moon in Sagittarius is one for whom time is immaterial,

allowing it to transcend


by offering simultaneous perspective of both


and hunted.

This Moon is the event horizon of vulnerability.


It is the connected beat of two sovereign hearts,

(though for a duration irrelevant)

allegorically illustrated as the tenets of chess

(consider the incendiary semantics of a challenging endeavor

being labeled a match):

– Seek to understand strategies utilized by the other side

– Always trust instinct

– Successful routes needn’t be linear,


– One must be prepared to find oneself


put             in            check,







Fish Moon / Blood Moon in Libra • ~ • 4 April, 2015

"birthchart" digital collage by OneLittleFishie
“birthchart” digital collage by OneLittleFishie


Just before dawn this Saturday, 4-4-15,

the April Full Moon (sometimes called the

Fish Moon, signifying the spawning shad of

many varieties) passes into the Earth’s

shadow, becoming the third Blood Moon

of the last twelve months (the most recent

prior Blood Moon fell on October 2014’s

Hunter’s Moon).


This date also marks the beginning of Judaic

Passover, which deals with a plague of death

upon first-born sons; also Easter Vigil of the

Christian tradition – for Lutherans,

representative of Christ’s descent into, and

suffering within, Hell. Both of these religious

connotations are rather dark in nature,

adding depth to the Blood reference of the

eclipse phenomenon.


The totality of this eclipse lasts just a few

minutes, making it the shortest lunar eclipse of

this century. Once that veil brushes past this

Moon’s face, her position within the

constellation of Libra (seeker of eternal

balance) immediately shifts the pendulum

toward a laser focus on anything blocking

forward motion and progress. Expect

to ruminate through a feeling of

suspended animation during the 24 hours

immediately after the eclipse runs its course,

followed by extreme action or surprising insight.

Prepare to feel a surge of creative energy to

slay demons you hadn’t even yet noticed.


Embrace the change. Enjoy the unexpected.

Bask in the renewal; find gratitude that

the Blood was shed for you . . . not by you.


That’s what this season is all about.

poetic proximity

"exit (good luck)" photo by OneLittleFishie
“exit (good luck)” photo by OneLittleFishie


leaning against the wall of the recording studio

life of a rockstar, or…. junky?


for now, all hail my ride or die

as we drive toward the east

into the sun’s blazing eye.

laughing, and praying

as time stands still;

the waning night unforgettable

as a birth, or a kill.

things have deeper meaning,

with love imbued

(alchemy of the mundane

into universal truth).

we build our own gardens

(Eden, et al);

walking manicured paths

that lead to free fall.

i would change nothing,

even if i could.

‘cos we’ve opened the door to possibility

and closed the one marked, “should”.

©2015 OneLittleFishie