noise; allegorical imagery

EP of four rough-stage mixed tracks: KYPower killdanger HoerleBack uncelebrate
“Elemental Studies”… EP of four sound experiments… Multiverse Navigation; Rhetorical Communication Theory; Particularized Soundwaves; Lenticular Camouflage


rough-stage single mixed track: SubG
“Terrarium Protocol”... sound experiment


rough-stage single mixed track: SirGBoy
“ExtraDimensional Passenger Transport” … sound experiment


"Diplomatic Impunity" - mixed track
“Diplomatic Impunity” – sound experiment


"Hemispheric Lateralization" ... mixed track includes Chris Mindel original "Bamboo City (ft. OneLittleFishie)"
“Hemispheric Lateralization” … sound experiment includes Chris Mindel original track “Bamboo City (ft. OneLittleFishie)”


galactic haberdashery
galactic haberdashery … a sound experiment

subject:  audio


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