poetic proximity

"exit (good luck)" photo by OneLittleFishie
“exit (good luck)” photo by OneLittleFishie


leaning against the wall of the recording studio

life of a rockstar, or…. junky?


for now, all hail my ride or die

as we drive toward the east

into the sun’s blazing eye.

laughing, and praying

as time stands still;

the waning night unforgettable

as a birth, or a kill.

things have deeper meaning,

with love imbued

(alchemy of the mundane

into universal truth).

we build our own gardens

(Eden, et al);

walking manicured paths

that lead to free fall.

i would change nothing,

even if i could.

‘cos we’ve opened the door to possibility

and closed the one marked, “should”.

©2015 OneLittleFishie


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