buck moon in capricorn

'buck moon' - digital collage by OneLittleFishie
‘buck moon’ – digital collage by OneLittleFishie


July 2015’s first Full Moon (there’s another on the 31st) is the Buck Moon, so named by Native tribes to commemorate the season when young deer shed the youthful velvet from their antlers and segue into deeper existence as adult males with the responsibilities implied therein.

This Moon instigates the facing of fears, whether you are a willing participant or not. It rests in Capricorn for the full phase of its cycle,  a constellation which suffers no fools in this realm of self-truth, either. Mitigating any pain associated with the personal evolution process can be achieved by using the bright light of this Moon to fully illuminate one’s own reflection.

Acknowledge self-imposed roadblocks. Own your excuses. Perhaps this is not the time to implement drastic change, but willingness to shed skin and take a step toward a new path is forward motion which won’t disappoint. The steady determination of Capricorn allows each individual a unique timetable and rewards effort when the approach considers the long-view.

Stand proud as you grow into greater auric adornment; pragmatism allows dreams to develop beyond expectation.


©OneLittleFishie 2015



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